Are You Spiritually Depressed?

29 July 2015, 17:13       Category: Self-Improvement      

I love the woowoo. I live in the woowoo, and I have also been in a place where I resent the woowoo. And, you know what? As spiritual beings in spiritual circles, we can often feel shame about feeling frustrated, depressed or angry with the woowoo. No one is talking about how we can get "spiritually depressed." What does spiritual depression look like? You are conducting your spiritual practices, and you feel a sense of emptiness You are walking your journey, and you don"t seem to be getting what you desire You are feeling discouraged, frustrated, and depleted You keep turning inward and searching for the acceptance and love in the situations of your life, and yet it feels as if things are not moving You strive for a positive attitude, and still nothing You feel hopelessness (this is extreme spiritual depression) You might be in distress: physical, financial, in your relationships I consider myself a spiritual leader, midwife and a renegade.

What is freedom?

28 July 2015, 18:00       Category: Social Issues      

Man can only be free in the reality infused, created, sustained by the quality of unconditional love and bestowal if man's primary desire, intention is to love and give unconditionally. As we learn in the Wisdom of Kabbalah in the spiritual system the light of Hassadim (mercy) can go, enter, flow anywhere in the system. There is no restriction on it. The point in the heart, or small spark yearning for bestowal, yearning for adhesion with the quality of bestowal is that fish that yearns to swim but is sentenced to suffocate in dry land instead. Only when we nurture, grow, strengthen that "fish" inside of us that it can jump back into the water despite being held back, can we enter the system of bestowal.

5 Practices to Staying Connected while Living Your Life

25 July 2015, 14:13       Category: Self-Improvement      

The question I receive most often from people is, "How do I stay connected and conscious in my everyday life?" My answer is simple and complex - it"s a practice. 1. Practice the pause. The "pause" works like this: As you know that you are moving into fear or stress (and we all know what that feels like in our bodies), take a deep breath and see yourself on a train platform. A train pulls up, and you enter the car. This car is filled with everything in life that gives you peace, comfort, and love. Feel your body relax. Now, from this place of deep peace and love, you can ask yourself what action to take in this situation.

Is this believing in Allah swt ?

23 July 2015, 14:13       Category: Self-Improvement      

The lyrics of the songs are shocking. Some of them include lyrics meaning "You created me", "I worship you" and "I worship Allah and you". Some of the women expect help from fortune telling, horoscope and awliyas who are in their tombs. Most of them regard awliyas as a god who is capable of everything. It is certainly a significant fault in terms of belief. It is a shirk. However, wishing something from Allah (swt) for the love and respect of awliyas by knowing that Allah is the creator of everything is not wrong because awliyas are the successors of Rasulullah (s.a.w)

How RPO ORS Recruitment Process Outsourcing Service is Useful for Staffing Firms:

18 July 2015, 14:26       Category: Social Issues      

In a recent survey by National Association of Software & Service Companies (NASSCOM), it was reported that nearly half of all Fortune 500 companies prefer to outsource software development to Indian outsourcing firms. There are array of services which are outsourced to Indian companies. Prime areas of outsourcing are recruitment services, talent management, IT services and consultancy, to name a few. When a firm approaches recruitment sourcing specialist, the focus remains on deliverables which primarily consists of well-timed action clubbed with finding key (right) professionals which meet their requirements. Probably, a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner could be a right decision! But let"s measure the success rate before we really plan hiring them.

We must believe in Allah with His whole attributes

17 July 2015, 11:52       Category: Self-Improvement      

His attributes do not resemble the characteristics of those He created. They cannot be compared. It is ordered in the verse from the Qur'an that: "Invent not similitudes for Allah" Nahl, 74. Allah doesn't resemble anything He created Allah (swt) exists. His existence is absolute. Allah is unique in terms of existence, attributes, works and orders. His existence is forever and eternal. He is self-existent which means He exists with His power. Allah (swt) doesn't resemble anything He created. He is alive. He knows everything which is secret or open in the past or in the future. He does what he wishes.

The Personal Attributes of Allah must never be harmed

15 July 2015, 16:26       Category: Self-Improvement      

However these attributes of Allah (swt) can never be compared with the characteristics of what He created. Each attribute of Allah (swt) is away from deficiencies. They are perfect and complete. Anbiyaa, 25 "They serve, besides Allah, things that can hurt them not nor profit them, and they say: These are our intercessors with Allah. Say: Do ye indeed inform Allah of something He knows not, in the heavens or on earth? Glory to Him! He above the partners they ascribe (to Him)!" Yunus, 18 "O men! Here is a parable set forth! Listen to it! Those on whom, besides Allah, ye call, cannot create (even) a fly, if they all met together for the purpose!

Faith constitutes the base of Islam

15 July 2015, 11:39       Category: Self-Improvement      

The invisible aspect of religion related to heart is called "Faith" and the visible aspect related to worship is called "Islam". Faith constitutes the base of Islam. The person with a small faith and fear of Allah (swt) enters Paradise at last. It is ordered in the hadiths that: "A person who has a touch of belief in his heart will escape from the fire." Tirmizi) The person experiences Islam according to his faith. The person who accepts Islam with its visible aspects is called "Muslim". The decision about a person is taken with visible aspects. If a person states he believes in the unique and single Creator and everything announced by His messengers and reports his belief by saying "Lailahe illallah", he is decided to be a "Muslim".

4 Steps to Manifesting Using The Law of Attraction

14 July 2015, 11:13       Category: Self-Improvement      

How do you "manifest what you want"? Practice the Law of Attraction! By using the Law of Attraction, when you think a little thought about what you want, that thought grows bigger and stronger. Also, when you think about what you do not want, that thought also become larger and stronger. Use the following four steps to get started attracting more of what you want in your life. You are what you think. Choose thoughts that are in tune to your true self. You will attract the things you think about most often. Think it and receive it! You are what you feel.

Stop the Silent Revolution! - Part Two

10 July 2015, 21:26       Category: Self-Improvement      

Part Two. Last month I urged you as an individual to speak up and speak out to end the Silent Revolution. The Silent Revolution exists because well-meaning people stay silent when they should speak up at work, in their communities and among friends when injustice or disrespect is evident. I know this is a scary concept to some, but I encourage you to lean into your fear. When you voice a different perspective in a respectful way, rarely do your fears come true. If Malala can stand up to the Taliban, we can speak up in our safe spaces to just ask, "Why do you think that way?

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